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With all our lives affected at this time, it is important to stay healthy, but also to make sure we are practicing self-care.  Whether it is reading, creating something or just expressing gratitude, do something every day to stay positive through these tough times.  Here are some more ideas.

  • Check out this great resource of virtual field trips which lets you explore museums, zoos, famous landmarks, history and much more.

  • Get digital material from the Port Jervis Library while it's closed

  • If you need a new book, take one (and drop off one or two) at one of the Little Free Libraries at the Municipal Building or the Train Station or Mountainside on West Main Street.


  • Use a video calling app to virtually hang out with friends.

  • Play a board game online with friends on Steam.

  • Check out the live webcams at the Georgia Aquarium.

  • Watch the Met's nightly Opera stream.

  • Watch Treasures of the Louvre video with English historian, Andrew Hussey.

  • Watch live (10:30 am) or recorded videos on Foundry42's facebook.  These include craft/story time, cooking classes and more.

  • Go to Warwick Drive-In Theater (they are working on getting an exemption from the state).

  • View, submit, or live stream work of artists that was cancelled, distupted or delayed on The Social Distancing Festival

  • First Presbyterian is live streaming services on facebook on Sundays. First Assembly is also live streaming services.


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